Aditya Better Containers Pvt. Ltd., established in 1991, is one of the leading manufacturers of Fibre Drums in South India, located in Sedarapet, Pondicherry. We provide a range of Fibre Drums with packing capacity up to 650 Kilograms.

Fibre Drums are utilized mainly for packing purposes by a wide variety of industries such as:

  •   Pharmaceutical
  •   Printing Rollers
  •   Welding Wires
  •   Bulk Drug Manufacturers

Years of expertise have proven the extreme durability of Fibre Drums in demanding conditions, providing optimum convenience and protection to products stored complying with international standard and norms.

Advantages of Fibre Drums Packing Method:

  •   Moisture-resistance
  •   Corrosion-resistance
  •   Light Weight
  •   High Durability
  •   Excellent Stacking Strength

The containers can be customized according to your specifications in order to give heavy duty protection to your product.

To make your product recognizable, the Fibre Drum can be provided with a screen-print label of your company.

    Further at our sub-unit, Adithya Package Industry established in 2006, we manufacture Polythene (LDPE, HM-HDPE) which is located in Pondicherry. Polythene bags/sheets are utilized by a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, welding wire, explosives and printing roller industries for primary packing applications.

    Advantages of Low-Density Polyethylene:

    •   Low Cost
    •   Impact Resistant from -40 to 120 C
    •   Good Chemical Resistance
    •   Bio-Degradable
    •   Food Grades Available

    Mission & Vision

    Our primary goal is to provide our customers with unparalleled quality and service in the Packaging Industry and to continually improve product quality by using creative technologies in our process to increase efficiency and foster better quality.

    We take great pride in producing a superior quality product on schedule with a competitive price to our customer.

    “To be the leader and pioneer in providing innovative technological solutions to the Packaging Industry.”

    Jay Kankaria
    Managing Director